2021 :

April 12&13: Recording Session with Kersten Stevens Band - Christian McBride and Eric Harland

April 24: Exit Zero Jazz Festival with Adonis Rose (drums ) Band



Jan & Feb: I will be joinning with Lea Delaria (vo) Band , playing at Jazz at Bistro St Luis, Joe's Pub, NYC

Feb: Tour in Poland with Sylwester Ostrosky (t.sax) Jazz Brigate

April 13: I am excited to join with Adonis Rose (drs) and New Orleans 7 piece Band at Exit Zero Jazz Festival in NJ

April & May: I will be performing at International Jazz Festival in Nairobi, Kenya.

May & June : Two nights Live recording concerts  with Adonis Rose (drs ) Quintet in Michigan.

 June 26 @ Smoke Jazz Club I am very excited to bring my new band at Smoke on June 26. Please come out to support !!

July: Tour in Europe with Sylwester Ostrowski (tenor sax ) Quintet

October: Nnenna Freelon (vo) Band US East Coast Tour. I will also be playing at Dizzy's Club in NYC

October 19: I am very excited to play with Gary Thomas (tenor sax) and his band at An Die Musik in Baltimore

November: Tour in Poland and Germany.




I will be on Jazz Cruise 2018 from 2/3-2/9

3/7-9 Poland Tour with Sylvia Cuenca

3/24,25 Blue Note Beijing, China with Allan Harris Band

5/17-19 Mexico Tour with Daisy Joplin Band

6/6 @ Dizzy's Club with Sharel Cassity Electra CD release

July: Tour in Europe. Germany, Poland and Uklane.

August:  Gigs in Japan with Emiko MIzoguchi (vo)

9/16 @ Lake George Jazz Festival Sharel Cassity Electra

October-November:  Europe Tour.

I will be perfoming at Guiness Jazz Festival, Bluenote Milan and thoughout Poland.






I will be playing at North Carolina Jazz Festival with Nnenna Freelon on Feb 2nd.

Nicaragua Tour from April 25-30 with Johnaya Kendricks Group

Europe Tour from May 4-15 with Allan Harris Band

In Switzerland from July 24-29. I am very honored  to participate weeklong workshop at The Langnau Jazz Nights as a faculity member under Greg Osby Group.

Sharel Cassity's Elektra CD release at The Kennedy Center Millenium Stage on  August 11.

Tour in Colorado from August 16-19 with Nnenna Freelon Band

August 27, I will be performing at the Lincoln Center Alice Tully Hall as a pianist of Daisy Joplin (violin) Band

Martha's Vineyard Jazz festival with Sage on Sep 1st.

Tour in South Africa from 26-30. Performing at Joy of Jazz Festival with Nnenna Freelon Band.

I will be playing for 5 weeks long  play emgagement at theater  in NYC as a member of Allan Harris Band from the end of November till December



I will be coming back my home country to do some gigs as a member of Mimi Jones Band in October !

Tour in Russia in August.  Playing at Crimea International Jazz Festival with Vitaly Golovnev NY Connection.

I will be playing at Caremoor Jazz Festival with Jazzmeia Horn on July 23rd

Washington DC Jaz Festival with Charel Cassity Elektra Band ON June.

Playing at Boston's Scullars Jazz Club and Upstate NY with Nnenna Freelon in Feb


I am so excited to annouce I will be coming home !!  Miki Hayama Japan Tour in April

Mimi Jones East Coast Tour in May.


November, I participated the recording of Lucianna Padmore. Its going to be here debute album !

In August, I will be in Croatia to do a Summer Festival with Nnenna Freelon

East Coast Tour in May with Nnenna Freelon Band

In Feb, I co-produced the musical called "Cloth Line" with Nnenna Freelon

I will be the member of  Camille Thurman Quartet and doing the J@LC workshop thourhgout NYC

I will be on Jazz Cruse in Jan , 2014 !!!


10/16-27:West Coast Tour includes Hawaii  !!

9/30-10/7: Tour in Russia



Nnenna Freelon 's Christmas Album which I played on will be released in November.

 2/10-2/11I will be playing in California , Northridge with Nnenna Freelon and Ramsey Lewis Band !

 1/30:Miki Hayama Trio at Fat Cat with Kiyoshi Kitagawa (b) and Willard Dyson (drs) !


11/9-11/12:Tour in North Carolina

10/28-10/30:West Coast Tour. I am excited to perform with Santa Rosa Symphony Ohrchestra !

Tour in Maryland and South Carolina in September.

8/11:I will be particiating  at the first annual Martha's Vineyard Jazz Festival