Pianist Miki Hayama was born in  Kyoto, Japan. She began to play piano and Wadaiko (Japanese drums) when she was 6 years old. During her junior high school year, she was first introduced to Jazz because of her father's Jazz collections and became interested in jazz. 

She studied at Osaka College of Music where majored in classic piano for two years.

While she was at the Osaka College of Music, She attended Fuji jazz School in Kyoto and studied Jazz piano with well known teaher and jazz pianist Sadayasu Fujii.
She is the first prize winner at the Yokohama Jazz Competition in 1996.

After graduated from College, she started to work and play at many Jazz clubs in Kansai area.  Her ambition to pursue Jazz didnt stop her but made her move to New York.  Since 2003, Miki Hayama has been busy making quite a respected name for herself on New York's jazz scene

She has worked with Kenny Garrett (a.sax) Quartet, Ralph Peterson (drs) Sextet, Sean Jones (tp) Quintet, Roland Alexander(t.sax) Quintet, Tia Fuller (a.sax) Quartet, Valery Ponomarev (tp) and his big band, Michael Dease (tb) Big Band, Shunzo Ohno (tp), Vitaly Golovnev (tp), Vincent Herring (a.sax), Bruce Williams (a.sax), Roy Hargrove (tp), JD Allen (t.sax), Cindy Blackman-Santana (drs), Nnenna Freelon (vo) Group and even the queen of soul, Aretha Franklin to name a few.

Her own 2006 sophomore release
Prelude to a Kiss received a five-star rating in Swing Journal. Her newest album Wide Angle got Swing Journal's Gold Disc Award in March 2009, Best Production Award in January, 2010.

rew high praise from the New York Times, and interview and frequent airplay from WBGO, and enthusiastic support from some of jazz's master musicians.    
"Miki Hayama is an amazing young pianist with great chops, a great harmonic concept and a great imagination ! " piano master Kenny Barron recently observed. " This young lady, born in Kyoto, Japan, swings as if she's Harlem grown. Colorful and creative, her style is both aggressive and sensitive

2003 Syracuse Jazz festival (Syracuse, NY) Kenny Garrett (a.sax) Quartet
2004 Mary LouWilliams Woman in Jazz Festival  (Washington DC) Miriam Sullivan (b)Quintet
2004 Chaney Hall (CT) Ralph Peterson (drs) Quintet
2004 Detroit Jazz Festival (Detroit, MI) Sean Jones (tp) Quintet
2004 Savannah  Jazz Festival  (Savannah, GA) Kim Thompson (drs) Quartet
2005 Mary LouWilliams Woman in Jazz Festival  (Washington DC) Piano Competit
2006 John F. Kennedy Center (Washington DC) Kenny Garrett (a.sax) Quartet
2006 Kanazawa Concert Hall (Kanazawa, Japan) Miki Hayama NY Trio
2006 Hibiki Hall (Fukui, Japan) Miki Hayama NY Trio
2006 Kyoto Art Cultural Concert Hall ( Kyoto, Japan) Miki Hayama NY Trio
2006 Moscow Jazz Festival (Moscow, Russia) Vitaly Golovnev (tp) Quintet
2006 Indianapolis Jazz Festival (Indianapolis) Jason Curry (a.sax) Quartet
2006 Yonkers River Festival   (Yonkers, NY) Sage
2006 Yokohama Jazz Promenade Festival  (Yokohama, Japan) Miki Hayama Quartet
2007 Japan Day @ Central Park (NYC) Miki Hayama Quintet with special guest: Lenard Eto (japannese drums)Cocolo Gospel Choir
2007 Norwalk Jazz Festival (Norwalk, CT) Kersten Stevens (vl) Quartet
2007 Music Circus (Cohasett, Massachusetts) Aretha Franklin (vo) Concert
2008 Mary Lou Williams Woman in Jazz Festival (DC) Accompany for saxophone competition
2009 African American Church Presidential Inauguration Ball (Washington DC) SAGE
2009 Henderson Art Center Nnenna Freelon (vo) Group
2009 Afirican American Performing Center Nnenna Freelon (vo) Group
2009 Tangier Jazz Festival (Tangier,Morocco ) Nnenna Freelon (vo) Group
2010 Forest Park Hall Miki Hayama Quartet
2010 Badmington Theater (Greece) Nnenna Freelon (vo) Group
2010 Uero Preto Jazz Festival (Brazil) Nnenna Freelon (vo) Group
2010 Nancy Jazz Festival (France) Nnenna Freelon (vo) Group
2010 Blues to Bop Festival (Switzerland) Imani 7
.."  legend Victor Lewis adds. High praise, indeed, and a sign that her star is on the rise !

She also plays Organ with Gospel Choir at the Cathedral United Baptist Church in Bronx.